As cities and counties invest money in their parks programs, part of my work as a legislator is to help secure state funding to augment those projects. Understanding public priorities is a very important piece of this puzzle, so I’m asking for your input to help us identify opportunities in which the state can be a partner with some funding.

Last week, members of the Renton community met to discuss the city's Parks, Recreation and Natural Areas Plans priorities. Two additional open houses will be held June 4th from 3-7pm at the Renton Pavilion Event Center and October 3rd from 6-8pm at the Renton Community Center for you to weigh in. Visit for more information.

In the meantime, I've heard from the city of Renton about a few community projects they have or may consider putting forth for funding. To gauge the level of importance of these projects to you, please give me a sense of how much you might value the following potential projects or programs:

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* 1. The Sam Chastain Waterfront Trail
The proposed trail would connect the Cedar River Trail to Gene Coulon Beach Park.