TAVA is an association rich in experience, skills and knowledge.  At this Give & Get, we will learn from each other in a dynamic, interactive session, exploring the topics, ideas and challenges that matter to you. 

You'll share your own ideas and learn from others.  We will be using Liberating Structures to shape our conversation and stepping back at times to explore how the structures themselves work.  Liberating Structures are a toolkit of simple but powerful methods that can get everyone in a group engaged in new ways to share ideas, reveal ideas or solutions, analyze, get help, strategize and plan with groups of any size. 

Through this session, we'll learn from each other to grow our practices while adding to our toolbox of approaches in our work.  Come prepared to be participate, listen and share!  Please be sure to bring a notebook and something to write with.

Please vote for topics you'd like to discuss at the Give & Get, or suggest your own!

Thank you,
TAVA Program Team

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* 1. What topics/ideas around volunteer engagement would you like to explore? Choose your top 3.

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* 2. What topics on growing yourself professionally would you like to explore? Choose your top 3.

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* 3. Share any current challenges or innovations you'd love to discuss and/or share at the session. What have you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask? What are you really proud of that you'd love to share?