1. Telephone Call

100% of survey complete.

Feedback form for the Development Services Department telephone call.

* 1. When did you visit Development Services?

Please enter Date and Time

* 2. Please tell us the business you conducted:

* 3. Please tell us the name of the person assisting you:

* 4. Please enter your Secret Shopper Participant Number:

* 5. Please tell us the areas/divisions of the department you visited:

* 6. Please tell us about our phone etiquette:

  Yes No
Your call was answered promptly (three rings or less)
The employee identified themselves by division and name
The employee used a friendly and professional tone
The employee clarified your request
If your call was transferred, the employee explained the reason they were transferring you
You were given the name and number of the person you were being transferred to
Your call was not transferred directly to voicemail (unless you requested)

* 7. Please tell us about our voicemail:

  Yes No
The greeting was easy to understand (clear and concise)
The recorded greeting gave you the person's name
Your call was returned within 24 hours
If you received a vacation or extended out-of-office greeting, you were given another employee's name and number for help with an issue requiring immediate assistance

* 8. Please tell us about our customer service:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Unacceptable
Staff response time
The number of rings before your call was answered
Staff members identified themselves
Professionalism and courteousness of the staff member(s)
Knowledge of the person assisting you
You were asked if you needed additional assistance
Length of time you were placed on hold (if applicable)
Overall service you received

* 9. Additional comments: