Welcome to West Shore Voice News readers, advertisers and subscribers!

Welcome to the 2018 readership survey! West Shore Voice News appreciates your continued readership. There are 10 questions, to help us continue improving this news service in our 10th year and beyond. Thank you!

* 1. We started in 2008 as MapleLine Magazine, then morphed into Sooke Voice News. Since 2014 we've been West Shore Voice News, now based in Langford. How long have you engaged with West Shore Voice News as a reader, advertiser or subscriber?

* 2. We're multi-platform! How do you usually find and read West Shore Voice News? (Check all that apply)

* 3. What are your favourite sections of the West Shore Voice News print/PDF edition [rank from 1 to 5]

* 4. Can you recall a topic or specific article that really caught your attention, and possibly increased or changed your understanding of an issue?

* 5. Of all the reasons to choose a news source, what brings you to West Shore Voice News? [check all that apply]

* 6. What is your range of local and regional news sources? [click all that apply]

* 7. What do you feel is the role of a professional news service in today's Internet-driven world? [click as many as apply]

* 8. In the recent federal Budget 2018, there is now a fund to now support *non profit* news services as a way to help support journalism. This does not help the overall newspaper/news service industry... regular businesses that operate newspapers must still compete with online social media (most of those businesses out of the USA - e.g. Google, Facebook -- which do not pay tax in Canada) and now compete with non-profits who won't have to worry about generating revenue. What is your view on this? [Check all that apply]

* 9. Here are some recent articles in West Shore Voice News. Which ones did you read? [Check all that apply]

* 10. These are the reasons I would choose to advertise my business, organization or event in West Shore Voice News. [check all that apply]