The Greenwood Community Council is looking for new ways to engage residents and businesses, and build community in Greenwood.  There are lots of people who would like to be involved in their neighborhood and have a voice, but who don't enjoy meetings or have time to volunteer.  And some of those people have different perspectives that need to be heard and understood.  Getting more people involved and engaged in Greenwood will build a stronger community that serves everyone.

Obviously you're filling this out because you'd like to be more involved and contribute to the neighborhood.  This survey is intended to find out what activities you'd enjoy or think are important, and how you'd like to participate.  We are likely to try again to form an engagement committee, so we're also interested in knowing times when you can meet each month.

Thanks for taking the time for this.
Rob Fellows
Greenwood Community Council

* 1. What drew you to respond to this survey?

* 2. What types of outreach or engagement interests you most?

  Meh. Not interested A little bit Yeah maybe Kind of interested Very interested
Writing blog entries or articles on neighborhood people, issues or events
Organizing social events
Planning meetings to learn about community issues
Organizing people around an issue, solving problems
Engaging people through social media
Reaching out to people who don't normally get heard from
Helping find common ground on things that polarize people
Working to improve the website as a communications and resource tool

* 3. If we have outreach and engagement committee meetings, what factors will make you enjoy them? (location, availability of beverages, quiet/able to hear, casual or business-like, getting to know people socially, etc.)

* 4. If we meet every month, what evenings would work best for you most months?

  No, can't make it Could make it in a pinch Could make this most months Always available at this time
First Wednesday of each month
First Thursday of each month
Second Monday of each month
Third Wednesday of each month
Third Thursday of each month
Fourth or last Thursday of each month

* 5. Any other thoughts to add?

* 6. Please let us know who you are and how to get in touch

* 7. Can we add your email to the GCC Outreach and Engagement Committee email list?