1. Server App-V Questionaire

* 1. Customer name, contact name, email address

* 2. How many data centers does your company have?

* 3. What is the total number of servers (Windows and Non Windows) running in your datacenter(s)?

* 4. What percentage of those servers are running Windows?

* 5. What percentage of the Windows servers running in your datacenter are virtualized?

* 6. Do you use 1 to 1 virtualization (1 virtualized OS to bare metal host)?

* 7. Are some or all of your Server applications packaged (ex. MSI)?

* 8. If you selected "Yes" for Question 7, what package solution do you use for your Server applications?

* 9. What % of the Windows Server business apps (internal and external), running in your datacenter, run on the following technology platforms below?

  0 - 20% 21 - 40% 41 - 60% 61 - 80% 81 - 100%
Microsoft .NET
J2EE or other Java

* 10. Does your Enterprise run Line of Business (LOB) applications in a scale out architecture? ie. Multiple instances of the same application running on 5 servers or more.

LOB includes both applications and middleware. This workload includes cross-industry applications such as accounting, or payroll; applications that may be specific to your industry or business, like retail, manufacturing or education; and packaged or customized applications like Customer relationship management (CRM); Enterprise resource planning (ERP); Supply chain management (SCM), e-Commerce applications; Product development and design automation or technical computing applications.

* 11. If you answered Yes to the previous question, can you please list the names (3 to 5) of these LOB applications? If you don't know the explicit name, can you tell us the name of the ISV?

* 12. Can you tell us what resource and settings these LOB applications leverage? For instance, do you run applications which use COM+? WMI?

Please check resource and settings below that are applicable to your LOB applications.

* 13. Do your IT Admins face any challenges in deploying and managing SERVER apps in the datacenter? Please describe the problems you encounter when managing these apps.