* 1. Welcome to Bluebird CSA Farm 2U SUMMER Food Profile Survey! Taking this quick and easy 10 question survey helps you build a Food Profile with Bluebird CSA. Thank you...it's a great opportunity to express to Bluebird what you highly prefer and what you would not prefer. This helps local farmers know what to grow for you. It also helps Bluebird build a CSA program to better serve.

* 2. Bluebird has several Free Recipe Collections for members. If you want easy, healthy, fun ideas for Farm to Table recipes, which Recipe Collection would you be most likely to use?

* 3. Which summer fresh veggies and fruits do you enjoy serving most?

* 4. Which are your Top 5 favorite summer fruits and veggies?

* 5. Do you prefer heirloom vegetables such as Cherokee Purple and Brandywine Tomatoes, conventional vegetables such as Celebrity red slicing tomatoes or a combination of both?

* 6. Which is the most important to you--USDA Certified Organic or locally grown fruits and vegetables. Are you satisfied to support Georgia growers using organic practices who do not complete the necessary paperwork to become certified with USDA?

* 7. Which summer seasonal vegetables and fruits would you prefer in your weekly share box? Bluebird is a share the local harvest, multiple 'farmer's choice' seasonal program. Although we do aim to communicate with share members what's growing now on local farms, we do not take requests for specific share box items. However, we ARE keenly interested to learn which veggies and fruits you would like Middle Georgia farmers to consider growing for YOU!

  Highly Prefer Somewhat Prefer Would not prefer Always remove from my share
Heirloom Tomatoes
Red Slicing Tomatoes
Sweet Corn
Honeydew Melon
Vidalia Onions
Green Bell Peppers
Colored Bell Peppers
Hot Chili Peppers
Green Beans
Black Eyed Peas
Lady Peas
Butter Beans
Crowder Peas
Purple Hull Peas
English Peas
Summer Yellow Squash
Pattypan Squash
Living Herb Plants
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Basil
Fresh Sage
Fresh Mint
Garlic Cloves
Bok Choy
Red New Potatoes

* 8. If you could choose 4-5 items to receive each week in your share box, which would they be?

* 9. How would you enjoy managing a refrigerator filled with farm fresh fruits and veggies?

* 10. We welcome your comments and feedback to better serve and thank you for dedicating your time to share today. Is there anything you would like to say about farm fresh fruits and vegetables that was not already asked in the survey? Please type answer in space provided below.