Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer Assistant at the World Water Week 2017.

Please fill out all the requested information below and submit it to us before May 1st.


Being a volunteer assistant at the Stockholm World Water Week is a time consuming position of major importance. Assistants are the face of SIWI, representing us "on the ground" and making sure that delegates feel at ease and that their stay with us is effective and pleasant.

A volunteer will be assigned an average of one 5h shift per day for the duration of the week, but will need to be "on call" and available for any last minute substitutions at any point during the scheduled programme. The tasks a volunteer might be asked to perform vary, but the main stations are as follows:

  • Assist speakers during presentations
  • Assist guests navigate the venue
  • Answer questions
  • Small scale logistical support
  • Help with registration
  • Assist during ceremonies and field trips


In exchange for your time, as an assistant you will receive free lunch and public transport throughout the week as well as free registration to the conference; This includes access to all programmed events and some social events, not to mention the ample networking and learning opportunities present at such events.