1. In your most recent customer service experience, how did you contact Admissions?

2. About how long did you have to wait before speaking to a representative?

3. Did the counselor (select all that apply)

4. Sufficient information was available on the website to assist me with what I need to know to apply for admission.

5. About how long did it take to get a decision once your file was complete?

6. How many times did you have to contact us before a decision was made?

7. Overall, how satisfied are you with the customer service experience with Admissions?

8. How professional is the staff?

9. How convenient is our phone system to use?

10. Compared to our competitors, is our service quality better, worse, or about the same?

11. How responsive is Admissions?

12. How well do the Admission representatives at FAMU answer your questions?

13. Overall, are you satisfied with the service at Admissions, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it?

14. If you chose another instituion to attend, which institution will it be and why?

15. Additional comments about your experience with the Undergraduate Admissions Office.