SOPHE 2021 CFA Volunteer Survey

Thank you for your interest in serving as a Reviewer for the SOPHE 2021 Call for Abstracts Peer-Review process. Survey Deadline Wednesday, June 24th (Midnight EST).

We are asking that you please take 2-3 minutes to answer a few questions.

You must agree to be available to review assigned abstracts between July 21 - August 4, 2020. If you are not going to be available, we ask that you not complete the survey. Thank you.

SOPHE will contact you by July 1st to confirm your selection as an Abstract Reviewer. If you are selected you will receive detailed instructions and your abstract assignments on or before Friday, July 3rd,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in this critical capacity!

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* 1. Contact Information

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* 2. Are you available and willing to review approximately 5-10 abstracts online between July 21 - August 4, 2020?

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* 3. What is your highest degree level?

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* 4. Tell us about your certification:

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* 5. Have you reviewed abstracts previously?

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* 6. How many years have you been working in the field of health education/promotion?

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* 7. Are you an active SOPHE National Member? (SOPHE membership is not a requirement to serve as a Reviewer.)

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* 8. Please tell us if you have a preference for what type of abstracts you wish to review:

Thank you!

Thank you for completing the SOPHE 2021 Abstract Reviewer Volunteer Survey! Please click the DONE button below.

SOPHE will be in touch with you by July 1st regarding your acceptance as a Volunteer Reviewer and provide more details regarding the next steps.

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