1. National Parks Institute: Leading Strategic Change Seminar Application (SECTION 1 OF 8)

Applications for program are due November 20, 2009. Applications received after the application deadline will be considered on a space-available basis.
Scholarships are available; apply in the Scholarships section of this application.

This application has a total of 8 sections, all required fields are marked with an asterisk symbol (*). All online sections must be completed at one time, this system does not allow you to save your responses and return at a later time. This system does have a time limit, please be sure to complete within 40 minutes. It is strongly recommended you have the essay questions answered prior to starting this application.

SECTION 1 of 8: General Information

SECTION 2 of 8: Current Position Information

SECTION 3 of 8: Employment Record Information

SECTION 4 of 8: Education

SECTION 5 of 8: Professional Education

SECTION 6 of 8: Additional Information. This section focuses on 3 key questions. It is strongly suggested that you compose them in a Word file (plain text) and once you have completed them, copy and paste them into this application (at least 250 words, and no more than 500 words, for each).

The questions are:

1. Describe your present duties and responsibilities, including information about the number of people supervised and/or the volume of assets managed.

2. In what ways do you believe the program can be most useful to you and your company/organization?

3. Please list 1 or 2 of the most strategic challenges you currently encounter or have encountered in the past during the course of your work.

SECTION 7 of 8: References. This section requires you to obtain 2 professional letters of recommendation. Fill out the reference information. Recommendations can be sent hard copy via fax, typed directly into the body of an email, emailed PDF files, or emailed DOC files. Email letters of recommendation to angelina@greatvalley.org or fax to (209) 522-5103 ATTN: Angelina Ceja.

SECTION 8 of 8: Scholarship Information

If you should have any difficulties please call Angelina Ceja at (209) 522-5103

* 1. First Name:

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* 3. Gender:

* 4. Job Title:

* 5. Company, Agency or Organization:

* 6. Start date of current job (month/year):

* 7. Business Address:

* 8. Country:

* 9. Business Phone (Please include country code and area or city code):

* 10. Fax (Please include country code and area or city code):

* 11. Email (Very important-please include complete email address):

* 12. Do you have proficiency in reading, writing, and comprehending the English language? Applicants must be proficient in the English language. All classes and discussions are conducted in English.

* 13. List the language(s) in which you are fluent:

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