Building Technology For Good

Trailblazers in this category are pioneers and innovators and are often considered a first in their area of expertise. As leaders, they may encourage creativity, take risks, and change how we interact with the world by building better technology – by building technology for good.


The Telecom Trailblazer Award in Building Technology for Good recognizes organizations and individuals for their contribution to the ICT sector and the unique solutions they have implemented to make the world a better place.



·       Canadian based organization (could be a subsidiary)

·       Innovation developed in Canada

·       Private or public company, non-profit, NGO, Gov’t department


Submission Process

·       Describe the challenge, how the innovation addressed the challenge, and resulting impact.

·       Demonstrate how your innovation has had a significant impact on societal, environmental, cultural, global challenges.

·       All submissions will be reviewed and the winner(s) determined by the award panel 

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* 1. Please use the box below to describe, the leadership capabilities that demonstrate creativity, collaboration, risk-taking, big ideas, overcoming obstacles, building a better world. There is no limitation on the number of words for this submission.

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