Food Cart Review Process


* 1. What category best describes you?

* 2. There are currently about 40 assigned food cart sites in the “Mall/Concourse” vending area in downtown Madison.  How do you feel about this number of carts?

* 3. The assignment of food cart sites in the Mall/Concourse vending area is determined by the annual Food Cart Review Process.  The process consists of volunteer reviewers ranking carts over a two week period.  They evaluate each cart on the basis of the food, the cart apparatus, and the cart’s originality.  How do you feel about this process?

* 4. The following is a list of a few ideas that have been mentioned as possible changes to the Food Cart Review process.  Rate how you feel about each of them.

  Good idea Worth considering Bad Idea
Increase the number of people on the food cart review panel
Invite more culinary professionals to be on the panel
Require reviewers to score every cart
Prohibit panelist from sharing food or not tasting on site
Compensate food carts for the food they are required to give away
Allow new food carts (reviewed on pre-determined Saturdays) to sell their food to the public while they are being reviewed
Lengthen the time of the food cart review process
Add points for food carts that source ingredients from local producers
Eliminate or reduce seniority points
Have an application and selection process for food cart review panelists
Require panelists to attend a training on how to conduct the review
Provide opportunities for reviewers to give specific comments and feedback to carts

* 5. What other ideas do you have to improve the food cart review process