* 2. Overall, how would you rate the ILYA Championship?

* 3. How much value for the money was the ILYA Championship?

* 4. How organized was the ILYA Championship?

* 5. How likely are you to recommend the ILYA Championship to a friend?

* 6. Are you pleased with holding the ILYA Championship at the same venue for multiple years?

* 7. Please rank the following venues for the ILYA Championship Regatta

* 8. Were you pleased with the racing format of the ILYA Championship?

* 9. Were you satisfied with the Race Management (PRO) of the classes in which you competed

  Yes No N/A
A Scow (Tom Hodgson)
E Scow (Larry Krause)
C Scow (Chip Mann)
MC Scow (Charlie MacNider)
Melges 17 (Mike Sherin)

* 10. Please add any other comments you may have about the event