* 1. Date selection: After the 6/2010 first Nationals event, Regional events have occurred or are scheduled in 2010 and 2011. Any 2012 Regional events are not planned or posted at this time, other than the September Dragon event as it is being planned for 2012.

There has been discussion on the Nationals event to be every 3 years and have Regional events in the 2 years between. Interest in a Nationals event in 2012 is increasing.

Should the Next Nationals event be in 2012 or 2013?

* 2. Location selection: For a National event, the center of the country appears to be the best choice to gain the highest attendance.

Select 2 locations that you consider to be the best location to gain the most attendance from all over the country with at least a one year notice.

* 3. Length of the Event selection: Considering travel time, event time, and socializing time; how many days would be the best to gain the most benefit from the next Nationals event?

* 4. Things-To-Do Selection: Select one or more from the following that you would like to see offered at the next Nationals event.

* 5. Volunteers will be necessary to assist in assuring this event is successful. Volunteers can be from the individual smart owner, the owner groups/clubs with one or more representatives, vendors, and dealerships.

Are you interested in volunteering and/or serving on a potential committee or subcommittee?

If you are interested in volunteering, send an email by May 15, 2011 to smartcarnationals@yahoo.com. Include contact information and your interest.