On Thursday, June 3, at 4:00 PM, lay ministers in the Diocese of Cheyenne will have the opportunity to remember their own Baptism, reflect on what we celebrate in this sacrament, and identify how the graces of this sacrament continue to shape their lives.
This time of spiritual renewal and conversation will take place remotely using the format offered to the clergy during the January Institute.
The mini-retreat will include a prayerful reading of texts from the Order of Baptism, time for personal prayer, and a time of spiritual conversation with other lay ministers. Based on input from the previous mini-retreat, the time for personal prayer and conversations will be longer, and the time for presentation shorter.
Invited lay ministers include:
  • Anyone who serves in parish administration, including Administrative Assistants, Bookkeepers, Secretarial Staff, Custodial Staff, and those who serve in similar roles;
  • Any parish ministerial leader, including Directors and Coordinators of Faith Formation, Religious Education, RCIA, Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Liturgy, and those who serve in similar roles;
  • Lay members of the chancery team.

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