This survey's purpose is communicate information to the Centennial Committee to gather stories and memorabilia to contribute to Logan High's Centennial Year Celebration.  Thank You for your contribution. Contact Elizabeth Needham at for any questions.  We will contact you for any further information.

1. Please enter your full name below.

2. What year did you graduate from Logan High?

3. Do you have any Logan High Memorabilia that you would be willing to put on display temporarily or permanently?

4. Did you meet your spouse at Logan High? If so please write your Logan High Love story here.  We are looking for all couples that were married as Logan High Alumni to feature them in a basketball game half time on February 10th.

5. Do you have any stories or memories that you would allow us to share in a Centennial Yearbook or video?
Ex. The start of a tradition, a memorable day, a funny story, a first day of school experience, a sport or art success story, an important event in history that occurred in your high school career, and invention that changed your schooling or anything interesting about your years at Logan High.

6. What is the Legacy that you left at Logan High and what successes have you had following High School?

7. Would you like to share a story or information of an individual who has left a legacy at Logan High or has achieved notable recognition or status following graduation?

8. The Centennial Committee is creating a Centennial Courtyard.  Would you be interested in purchasing a brick with your name engraved on it to be placed in the Courtyard?

9. We are going to have a Centennial All Class Reunion in August 2017!  Do you think you would be able to attend?

10. What would be that best way to contact you to let you know of further information on the Centennial Courtyard and coordinating  the gathering of memorabilia? (You do not have to fill in all information)  

We will not send any spam emails or information that you would not like.  We would just like to simply know a way to contact you if you are interested in a brick in the Centennial Courtyard or if we want to share one of your stories, we would like to contact you first to make sure that it is ok.  Thank You for taking the Survey!  Happy Centennial!