Together/ASU members and delegates are meeting with HiQ management about issues that concern you, including appropriate communication, statistics and enquiry volumes, training and development and equitable decision-making.

Further meetings are planned in 2020 and in the interim HiQ management has committed to:

  • Communicating and consulting with you about the statistics requirements.
  • Organising training to ensure all Advisers have received the same level of training as the most recent intake of new staff (as they now know you don’t always have the time to ask them as your leadership has ceased rostering administration/email time).
  • Implementing a training survey.
  • Developing a standard with examples for written after call wrap-ups which will be included in the Quality Assurance training.
What is happening in HiQ with statistics?

Up until mid-2019 the Calls Weekly goal on the statistics reports in the HiQ Contact Centre was 40 and was advisory for development purposes.

Now HiQ management are committed to implementing minimum volumes of enquiries on Advisers as part of your PPR and as a measure of your performance.

To begin with, in the HiQ Contact Centre a full-time staff member is now expected to take 135 calls/weekly (this is around 1 call every 15 minutes) and the after call written wrap-up is required to be completed within 3 minutes, so that leaves 12 minutes for your client interaction.

Does this seem reasonable to you?
What are the implications?
Initially we are told if you don’t achieve the required quantities, you will receive development, which it is hoped will include more than buddying. 

However, if you consistently don’t achieve the quantities, this will become an individual matter with the potential for unsatisfactory performance management.

Additionally, management have said that you will be personally responsible for your colleagues feeling pressure as if you don’t achieve the required quantities they claim other Advisers will feel pressured to take more calls and this will result in their burn-out.

Who do you think is really creating the pressure that could lead to burn-out? Is it your colleague who has no control over the type of enquiries they are receiving and may be receiving more complex enquiries or dealing with more difficult clients and is assisting or diffusing emotional callers?

Doesn’t dealing with the more complex enquiries increase your skill level?  Won’t you now be worrying that this could lead to you becoming behind on your approximately 1 enquiry every 15 minutes requirement?

Do you feel that the training you are given is going to prepare you for taking these expected volumes given the breadth of calls handled by HiQ, including Student Administration, Information Technology, Library, Student Success Group and first point of contact for Faculties?

Feeling the pressure?  Can you feel anxiety setting in?  If you are, then you may be interested to know that management feel some staff are pre-disposed to overly feeling pressure and anxiety, so they’re not taking any responsibility for how you feel. 

Is this condition on your employment fair?

QUT were notified by Together/ASU at the initial business transformation for “enhancing the student experience” that planned staffing levels were deficient.  More and more workload has since become the responsibility of HiQ. We will be seeking details on staffing levels across HiQ to determine why this is not being addressed with responsible ongoing staffing levels.

Management claim the quantities they are setting in the HiQ Contact Centre are in line with industry standards in banking and health insurers and the work in these industries is comparable to yours in tertiary education.

Some of you have already asked about whether Peer Concierge statistics are being included in the calculation of volumes, so we have asked for you and management say that they are not including the Concierge statistics when determining the volumes.  You now have their word.

You also question how is it fair that one statistic could equate to one process and another statistic which may involve multiple processes is considered comparable?

It is also claimed by management that they have taken into consideration quality, breadth of enquiries and varying skill levels of staff. 

What can you do?

Please complete the survey to allow us to provide feedback to management about how you feel about the issues that affect you.

This feedback survey is externally run, confidential and any identifying information you provide will be de-identified for reporting purposes so no adverse action can occur from being involved.
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