* 1. Name (Last, First)

* 2. At what email address would you like to be contacted?

* 3. Concentration(s) and Minor(s), if declared (write none if not declared)

* 4. Year you began at UM?

* 5. Have you ever worked for an Orientation Program at UM or anywhere else? (i.e. Campus Days, Tour Guides, Honors hosting, etc.) If so, please describe:

* 6. What are other time commitments will you have this summer? Please include other jobs, research opportunities, Spring or Summer Courses, family events, or vacations. Please include approximate dates.

* 7. Have you applied for other positions this summer (internships/Honors Summer Fellowship, etc)? (PLEASE answer this honestly. Saying yes will NOT disqualify you!)

* 8. What has been your best experience at Michigan and what has been your worst experience at Michigan? (P.S.--saying none is not an acceptable answer!)

* 9. Think back to your honors orientation. How did it go? What would you change/keep?

* 10. Why should we hire you? What would make you a great Orientation Peer Advisor?

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