We’re excited to see you’re interested in registering your class in the My Money, My Future:  Canadian Financial Education Challenge. If you are interested in having a CIBC ambassador either help you do a presentation or help you with the program, please check yes on Question #4. We will be in touch.

Note: Independent Learners (youth between 14 and 18) can register here.

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* 1. Please complete the following to register your class for the Challenge.

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* 2. How are you teaching this year?

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* 3. Will you be assigning the Canadian Financial Education Challenge to your students as an assignment?​

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* 4. Would you like to have a local CIBC Ambassador deliver a virtual financial education webinar to your class? For example, a CIBC Ambassador could offer a virtual presentation covering topics such as, budgeting, investing, managing credit responsibly and fraud protection. If you choose yes, a CIBC Representative will be in touch with you at the contact information provided above.

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* 5. How did you hear about this contest?


This challenge invites students aged 14-18 to apply their creativity, skills, and passion to develop a new learning resource to help teach important financial knowledge and skills to other youth. The project can be submitted in either English or French. Students can get creative! The project can be a video, a podcast, a play, a booklet, a PowerPoint presentation, an animated PowerPoint presentation, a whiteboard animation, a song, a piece of art, an ad, a poem, a website, a video game, an animation, an app, a social media post, a 3D printed object,  etc.

It is a great project for those students attending class virtually. Or, you can simply let students know about it and encourage creativity. Students can participate either as individuals or teams of up to four.  

Please note: Students in your class who learn about the challenge directly or through a community group and want to participate may ask you to register your class so they can enter the challenge.

You will be asked to submit 1-4 of your best class projects by 11:59:59 p.m. May 9, 2022 by returning to this website and following the instructions that will be given at that time. You can use your own criteria for assessment or refer to a detailed rubric which will be used for regional and national judging. That rubric is available on the program website www.mymoneymyfuturechallenge.ca under Resources. Regional judging will determine the best in each region which will compete at a National Challenge.

Prizes for the National Challenge are:

  • 1st Prize: $10,000 towards future education or training – either to winning individual or shared equally among team members
  • 2nd Prize: $5,000 towards future education or training – either to 2nd place individual or shared equally among team members
  • 3rd Prize: $2,500 towards future education or training – either to 3rd place individual or shared equally among team members
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know at mail@cfee.org.