* 1. Why do you hold religious beliefs...and are these beliefs bringing about a better world?

* 2. What does it mean to be a sane and rational human being?

* 3. If we could all go beyond the ideas that religions have imposed on man, and be free...how would this open state of mind affect you and the world we live in?

* 4. Do you question things or do you just accept most things you read or see on tv?

* 5. Why do you think the world is in such turmoil?

* 6. Why do you think our judicial system has so many problems and convicts so many innocent people?

* 7. Do you believe that there needs to be a non-violent revolution in America to bring about a better country?

* 8. Do you believe it is important to live a life of goodness and love and to care about others?

* 9. If you call yourself by the name of a specific religion do you feel that you separate yourself from other people that believe different from you?

* 10. Have you ever read the book The Dawn of Intelligence by Kerry Craig Walker?