At SilverStripe we’d like to hear about your experiences – particularly any problems you might have with performance and robustness of the sites you manage.

We are listening!

We are looking for the best place to focus our efforts next, and would appreciate if you can take a few moments to answer the following quick questions. All questions are optional, and anything you fill out will be helpful.

This survey is intended for people responsible for managing your company or organization's website, or websites.

It would be helpful to firstly understand something of your experience with website management. Please answer the following questions.

* 1. Does your website run on SilverStripe CMS?

* 2. Do you manage your own website or is it managed by a web hosting company?

* 3. Was your website built by an in-house development team or by a web development company?

* 4. Please select as many of the following types of website that best apply to your site

* 5. If you manage more than one website, please tell us how many websites you manage.

* 7. We are trying to understand the impact on your business or organization of a website failure.
Please indicate the importance of your website to the following:

  Not important Somewhat important Important Very Important Critical
Brand & Perception
Maintaining Operations

* 8. Performance of your site.
Thinking about your site performance, please tell us if you have had problems or complaints from users about:

  None Infrequently Occasionally (once per month) Frequently (once per week) Very Frequently (daily)
Speed (e.g. page view/load time response)

* 9. Robustness of your site.
Thinking how robust your site is, please tell us which of the following issues you have had any problems with or complaints from users:

  None Infrequently Occasionally (monthly) Frequently (weekly) Very Frequently (daily)
Traffic volume/load?
A significant event? (e.g. high profile)

* 11. Monitoring your website
Please indicate how you currently monitor performance and operation of your website.

  Yes No
Use a dedicated monitoring software product
External website monitoring service (such as Website Pulse or SiteUptime)
Manual (e.g. a person checking)

* 12. Is there any particular aspect of your site you would like to monitor?

* 13. May we contact you for further information, if necessary?