Conference Planning Workgroup Overview

Nutrition First is looking for several individuals to be a part of Conference Planning Workgroups to prepare for the 2020 State WIC Conference. 

We strive to have a diverse group of staff participating in planning including broad geographic representation, WIC job roles, cultural diversity, and agency diversity. 

The workgroups will be chaired by planning committee members, and will meet monthly by conference call. (See below for list of workgroups.)

It takes time, dedication, and passion to plan and convene a large two-day conference. Workgroup members are expected to fully contribute to the planning process, including participation in scheduled calls and on-site during the two-day conference.   

Below are desired workgroup member qualifications.

Desired Qualifications

Strong communication skills (verbal and written)

Ability to use email, internet, Google Docs 

Self-directed / able to work independently

Works well with others in a large group setting

Interest and ability to represent agency interests / WIC staff role needs

Ability to dedicate time for conference call meetings during the months of January 2020 – October 2020.

Ability to help on-site during the conference. 

Agency or supervisor approval, if workgroup participation is on agency time.


Hospitality and Diversity
Slide Show
Registration and Volunteers
Raffle Baskets
Poster Sessions

Question Title

* 1. Please enter your contact information

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* 2. What is your WIC staff role? (ie clerk, certifier, RD, etc...)

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* 3. Please share any experience you may have with conference or event planning.  Examples include wedding or party planning, in-service or trainings for staff / community partners, etc.

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* 4. Please share your experience working independently, in a large group, and meeting deadlines.

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* 5. Please share why you would like to be  part of a State WIC Conference Planning Workgroup

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* 6. My supervisor is in support of my participation in conference planning if I am selected.

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