Midvale Wastewater Connection- Town of Eureka Wastewater Phase 1B

June 29th, 2017



To:       Residents and Businesses of Eureka, Montana


From:  Mayor LeeAnn Schermerhorn


RE:      Town of Eureka Wastewater Phase 1B- Midvale Area Connection



Dear Residents,  


The Town of Eureka has for the last year been pursuing funding for a Wastewater Phase 1B project that would expand the Town’s wastewater system into the Midvale area.  The Town has hosted a public meeting to garner public input on what types of projects the community would like to see and infrastructure improvements continues to rank high.  The Town also hosted a public meeting on June 29th, 2017 specifically on this project. 


Recognizing that public hearings are not the best form of communication the Town is sending this letter/survey to residents in order to help improve communication and to get public input directly.


In an effort to make this project more feasible the Town is in the process of applying for a Community Development Block Grant for $450,000.  The Town’s current plan is to utilize $205,000 of that amount to the overall construction of the project and the remainder to be put into a fund where our low to moderate income families can, if qualified, have assistance to connect their homes to the Town’s wastewater system.  The program that we will design is specific to the income levels of the residents and unfortunately cannot be used for everyone.


In order for the Town to proceed with this application your information and opinion are requested.


The Town’s current efforts for funding include the following sources


Montana Treasure State Endowment Program- Grant of $550,000 Secured

Montana Community Development Block Grant – Grant of $450,000 in process in process of applying

($245,000 to project $205,000 to develop a program to assist in costs to hook into the system)

Montana State Revolving Loan Fund – Loan of $535,000 in process of applying.  


Midvale residents will have the opportunity to join the system during construction (estimated for summer of 2018) with a waiver of half of the hookup fees; normally hookup fees are $1,500 but if a landowner connects while in construction the fee will be lowered to $750.   


The wastewater flat rate is $47.52 per month and what the residents currently on the system are paying for wastewater services.  The Town is estimating that if this project goes through we are looking at a new wastewater rate, dependent on number of hookups, of an estimated $54 to $56 flat rate for all users on the system.







At this time, the Town is asking for you to fill out the following quick survey.

* 1. Are you a resident within the area of Midvale (9th Street to 14th Street)?

* 2. What is your physical address?

* 3. Do you support the effort of the Town to extend wastewater services to the Midvale area? 

* 4. Please expand on your reason to support or not to support this project.

* 5. If you are a resident of the Midvale area and we are successful with the above-outlined funding and move forward with this expansion project would you consider hooking up during the construction of the expanded wastewater system?

* 6. Is your decision dependent on receiving financial assistance from the CDBG-PF grant? 

* 7. If the funding is not received would you still consider hooking into the system?

* 8. When are you considering hooking into the Midvale System?