Feedback on road and footpath issues

Local roads, footpaths and cycle paths within Benalla Rural City are the responsibility of the Council. These assets are vital to the community and link work, home and social activities.  They are critical for businesses of all kinds. To make sure our roads and paths meet the needs of users, they are inspected, maintained and renewed at scheduled frequencies.

At this time in each Council cycle we ask the community to tell us your expectations and priorities regarding our extensive road network to ensure we look after it effectively within our budget limitations.

Please take 5 minutes to tell us about what aspects of the network are important to you.  All responses are  confidential.  

If you have any questions please call the Customer Service Centre on 57602600 or email

* 1. To help us prioritise road management, please list the 3 issues for local roads that are most important to you:

* 2. To help us understand how you travel around Benalla Rural City can you please tell us about the types of transport you use each week:

  Daily A few times a week Every now and then Never
Town bus
School bus

* 3. Which, if any of the following places do you walk to from time to time?

  Daily Weekly Monthly Never
Lake Benalla
Kindergarten/Child care
Hospital/Medical services
Shopping in town centre
Aquatic Centre/Gym/Sports field/Playground

* 4. What do you think are 3 things we could do better on our roads?

* 5. What would be 3 things we could do to improve our footpaths and cycleways?

* 6. In the last 12 months have you reported any issues on the roads or footpaths?

* 7. To interpret responses it is useful to know a little about you: can you advise if you are an urban, village or rural resident?

* 8. I am:

* 9. I am aged: