Peerless, Lowes, Ironing Shop and Mitchelton Stores

We are passionate about delivering exceptional service and quality to our customers. To help us achieve this we take a random cross section of customers each month and ask for your feedback. By completing this survey you go into the draw to win a $25 dry cleaning voucher. Thank you for your honest feedback! The winner of the $25 dry cleaning voucher will be notified by email.

When completing this survey, please consider only your most recent experience in the store you are providing feedback on. This will allow us to gauge any increases or decreases in the quality of our service. 

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* 1. Your details (as they would appear on your dockets)

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* 3. Considering your most recent experience at your chosen store, please rate how strongly you agree with the following statements:

  I strongly agree I agree I neither agree or disagree I disagree I strongly disagree
The store was neat, tidy and well presented
The staff member who served me was neat, tidy and well presented
The staff member who served me was polite, friendly and helpful
The staff member who served me seemed to enjoy their work
Where relevant, the staff member who served me possessed strong product knowledge
The transaction was efficient and pleasant
If I required dry cleaning or alterations services, I would be likely to return again in the future

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* 4. Considering your most recent experience in our store, how would you describe your level of satisfaction with the service that you received?

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* 5. Would you like to add any specific thoughts or comments?

Thank you very much for completing this survey! By doing so, you are helping us to improve our services. If you have any thoughts or comments you would like to share at any point, please don't hesitate to e mail us at