Businesses throughout the Columbia metropolitan area/Boone County have expressed concerns with their ability to recruit, hire and retain employees. To tackle these issues, the Columbia Chamber of Commerce is surveying businesses about their workforce needs and to develop a strategy that meets the workforce needs of businesses. We are asking employers throughout Columbia and Boone County to discuss their current workforce, vacancies and job growth, recruitment and retention practices, skills and training needs, and how businesses adopt new technologies and automated process. 

This survey will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. We ask that someone knowledgeable about the business’s current and future workforce needs complete the survey. Taking the survey is voluntary and you may choose to not answer any question and end the survey at any time. 

Should you choose to participate, your responses will be recorded confidentially. Survey responses will be combined with those of other survey participants in a summary presentation that will not contain identifying information.

Thank you for your participation.
Section 1: About Your Business

Question Title

* 1. I employ workers in the Columbia, MO Metropolitan Area (Boone, Cooper, and Howard Counties) and I am willing to take this voluntary survey on workforce needs for my business or organization.