Eastern PA CoC Governance Charter (Section 7 'Membership' (A) Composition):

The Continuum of Care has two classes of members.  Primary Members are a representative from organizations receiving Continuum of Care and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funding.  Primary members must attend at least one CoC-wide meeting per calendar year.

Associate Members are all members in good standing from the five RHABS.  Associate membership shall be representative of: governmental, public or private entities involved in providing support services or housing; faith-based organizations; the business community; educational institutions; health care organizations; and other individuals and organizations that possess skills, interest or resources which will aid the organization in fulfilling its mission.  Additionally, participants from members or representatives of the target populations being served by support services and housing agencies will be identified.

Primary membership and associate membership are mutually exclusive.

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Eastern PA CoC Map

<strong>Eastern PA CoC Map</strong>

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* 1. Are you registering as a primary member (CoC and/or ESG funded agency) or as an associate member?