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* 1. Pollinators are important to my farming operation.

* 2. I can recognize and identify important crop pollinators, especially wild native bees, on my farm.

* 3. I am aware of the best management practices for attracting and retaining pollinators on my farm.

* 4. I would consider enhancing small parcels of land to attract and retain wild native bees and other pollinators if I knew more about how to do so.

* 5. Technical and financial assistance would increase the likelihood that I would develop pollinator habitat on my farm.

* 6. Wild bees can improve crop production on my land and can provide an additional source of pollination for my crops.

* 7. Trees, shrubs and flowering plants make my farm/ranch a nicer place for me and my family.

* 8. My farm currently has adequate pollinator habitat.

* 9. My biggest concern regarding developing habitat for wild native bees and other pollinators on my farm is (check all that apply):

* 10. The types of practices I would consider implementing with adjustments for wild native bees and other pollinators include (check all that apply)

* 11. My farming operation includes:

* 12. My farming operation is best described as...

* 13. My farming operation is in...