* 1. Please provide your contact information. This information will remain confidential and only used for the Southside Merchant’s Association.

* 2. What best describes you? Please check all that apply.

* 3. How would you best classify your business?

* 4. What markets does your business serve? Please indicate % of total sales in each market. Total should equal 100%.

* 5. How many employees do you have?

  0 1-5 6-10 11-20 20+
Full time equivalent (FTE)
Full time
Part time

* 6. Would you like to learn more about any of the following organizations? Please check all that apply.

* 7. On average over the past 3 years, how has your business performed financially?

* 8. How do you expect your business to perform over the next 12 months?

* 9. Has being located on the Southside been good for your business?

* 10. How difficult was it to get your business started, and what could have been done to help make it easier?

* 11. The City is looking for opportunities to help you grow your business. How do you think they can help?

* 12. Please provide any additional comments on how you believe the Southside can be improved to help businesses.

* 13. There are other businesses in the area that may have the same questions/concerns as you do. Are you interested in meeting with them to share experiences, concerns, new regulations, etc?

* 14. We will be working to develop a plan to improve this area. Would you like to be a part of it?

* 15. Do you feel it is important for the business community to promote a healthy workplace and lifestyle for employees and their families? If so, does your business provide any of the following programs/benefits to promote work place wellness:

* 16. Do you feel it is important for the business community to be engaged in efforts that support having an educated workforce? Does your company do any of the following to support an educated workforce:

* 17. How can we contact you? If you check email or phone, please be sure to include it in Question 1.

* 18. If applicable, name of interviewer: