Your opinions are needed.

Dear Parents, Individuals with Disabilities, and Friends,

Since September 2020, we've been working with some funding and support from Oregon Health Authority (OHA) for COVID-19 outreach and education. As an organization we are family members and people with disabilities, and have been experiencing all of the challenges, as you may have, that have come along with the pandemic. As well as, sharing in the hope that the vaccine creates. 

To do our best work we listen deeply to our community. Change is occurring so quickly and people who don't know our community are still learning how to support and work with us. 

There is added stress in the community, and we know Washington hasn't started vaccinations for individuals with disabilities in the community yet, so we will use your feedback to share with our connections and partners in Oregon and Washington. Every person who responds will be helping our work to push for improvement, access, and responsiveness to our very real needs. 

Your individual answers will be kept confidential and we will share your responses to work to improve information, support, and access. 

We are the experts on our lives and needs, and our voice will be much louder as we join together in this work and complete this survey. Nothing about us without us!   

It's our pleasure to support families and bring best practice information to our community. We are very grateful for your response and comments.


NW Disability Support Team

Question Title

* 1. Have you gotten the COVID-19 vaccination?