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                                  FORT FAIRFIELD BROADBAND SURVEY

Instructions: Please fill out one survey for each location you are referencing (I.E. if you own a business please fill out a separate survey for that location).

Broadband: An always on service that connects subscribers (residential and business) to the Internet. Broadband can be provided using several different technologies such as Cable Modem, copper cables (DSL), fiber optic cables, Wireless technologies etc.

High Speed Internet: The FCC currently defines the minimum speed of broadband to be 25Mbps / 3Mbps. For purposes of this survey high speed Internet is a service that can provide at least 50Mbps in both the upstream and downstream directions.

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* 1. Thinking about current your location, which of the following best describes
your location?

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* 2. Is internet service available at this location?

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* 3. Do you have more than one option for internet service at this location?

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* 4. Do you subscribe to internet service at this location?

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