Covendis, the State of Oregon’s Managed Services Provider (MSP) will soon be releasing a request for information (RFI) to potential subcontractors interested in submitting proposals for a project regarding the State of Oregon’s Health Insurance Exchange.

Oregon Health Authority is developing a Health Insurance Exchange (HIX or Exchange) that will create a modular, reusable IT solution. This project is called HIX-IT, and is funded by a grant from the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO). For small businesses, citizens shopping for insurance coverage, and health insurance carriers, the Exchange will provide a market place for a variety of insurance options and access to federal insurance premium tax credits. The Exchange will provide its customers with seamless access to information, financial assistance and easy health insurance enrollment.

The HIX-IT and DHSM projects are leveraging a suite of Oracle products to build their solutions. These products include:

•Oracle Siebel Public Sector
•Oracle Policy Automation
•Oracle WebCenter
•Oracle SOA Suite
•Oracle Master Data Management
The project, expected to be the first of its kind to be managed through an MSP and VMS, is expected to last through 2013, and contemplates having a responsible subcontractor develop the internal and external interfaces to the HIX using the Oracle SOA Suite. The Covendis MSP will manage this fixed-bid contract, including over 100 estimated deliverables, review and acceptance, invoicing, and progress payments via its Vendor Management Solution (VMS).

Minimum requirements for interested subcontractors include:

•Three (3) years development experience with the Oracle products listed with emphasis on Oracle OSB and SOA products
•Three (3) years of experience in the development of IT systems for the government sector
•Demonstrated balance of IT project management and technical experience necessary to provide the full range of expertise required to successfully deliver the required interfaces

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