Four Questions:

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Hello and thank you for participating in A Big Project’s effort to find the world’s “Sweet Spot”- that place where all of our visions for a better world connect.

Please enter your group’s answers to the four questions below and then answer some additional questions about your group on the next page!

*(You may also send your answers anonymously. We ask only that you let us know which country you and members of your group are submitting from. All other answers are optional.)

Please remember, answers should focus on creating a better world for ALL people.

* 1. If the world as it currently exists were to radically shift tomorrow, and we could start all over again, what would you NOT want to continue from this world?

* 2. What WOULD you want to continue from this world?

* 3. What would people need to do differently to get to that better world?

* 4. What is one thing your group will commit to doing differently to get to that world?

* 5. Final comments (optional): How do you and your group feel after engaging in this conversation? Do you have any new insights about you or your world?