Beckenham Round Table Charitable Trust, registered charity number 1051455, was created to support individuals and groups for whom a little financial help would change a situation for the better. The fund pays for capital expenses - one off costs incurred to establish new facilities or services or to purchase equipment. It will not consider requests to support revenue funding - running costs of any kind. The consideration and award process may take up-to eight weeks to complete. Please complete the following questions as fully as possible to enable the grant panel to consider the merit of your application. A member may contact to to clarify any unclear information.

* 1. Project name and/or purchase of what?

* 2. In no more than 250 words, please tell us about your need and the difference any award would make?

* 3. Please provide an estimate of the total cost of the project and/or purchase?

* 4. How will you and/or your group contribute to the cost of the project and/or purchase?

* 5. How much money do you need from the Charitable Trust Fund to complete the purchase and/or contribute to the project?

* 6. Contact details

Thank you for completing the grant per-application form. All information given will be treated as private and confidential. None of your information will be passed to a third party without written permission. Beckenham Round Table may wish to use the information collected about your project and/or purchase in its own publicity material. If you do not want your information to be used in this way, please do not submit this application form.