* 1. In your opinion, international rotations provide a unique educational experience not readily available at the home or affiliated institutions.

* 2. Residents play a role in encouraging ongoing adequate continuity of care (pre, peri and post-operative) even after they have returned home.

* 3. There is adequate opportunity for follow up for patient care by local staff and feedback from those staff to residents on international rotations.

* 4. There are American Board of Medical Specialties or equivalent faculty onsite to provide proper oversight and training for residents partaking on medical mission trips.

* 5. There are proper educational resources available to residents onsite while training at International rotations.

* 6. Plastic surgery residents have sufficient inpatient and outpatient experiences when partaking in international mission trips.

* 7. For plastic surgery residents who partake in surgical medical mission trips, the type of organization that leads the mission influences the outcome of resident’s experience/ training. Please indicate Governmental, non-governmental, private, religious or otherwise.

* 8. In your opinion, residents that return from international surgical medical missions show increased proficiency in their technical skills

* 9. Plastic surgery residents that return from medical mission trips show increased efficiency in management of available medical resources.

* 10. In your opinion, plastic surgery residents that return from surgical medical missions trips demonstrate increased professionalism in which of the following areas. (Check all applicable)

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
Team work
Constructive criticism