Foundations of Dialogue Education: From Principles to Practice

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1. Description:

This course is designed to introduce participants to the philosophy and pedagogy of student centered classroom dialogue. Participants will learn how to redesign classroom pedagogy to move from a teacher centered to a teacher-facilitated to a student- driven classroom approach to learning.  Participants will learn a range of techniques for teaching students to listen, collaborate, explore, and construct essential questions and understandings from classroom activities and texts. This pedagogy will  be introduced  and modeled using primary sources from a variety of disciplines.  


Socratic dialogue places students at the center of the educational process; it fundamentally shifts the dynamics of the teacher-student relationship and places ownership and initiative for learning on the student. “It reduces the impact of misconception, aids students in organizing knowledge, cultivates higher order thinking skills, and helps students to direct and monitor their own learning” (Lam, 2011). In Socratic dialogue, students drive the discussion by asking deep, probing questions to investigate complex, challenging and meaningful content, working collaboratively to search for knowledge, understanding and application; this pedagogy represents the fundamental shift to student-directed learning that must be at the heart of school transformation.