Survey Info and Instructions

We are assessing the stock of Comcast/Xfinity pay-TV set-top boxes (STB) installed in U.S. homes for purposes of estimating energy use. We are not affiliated with Comcast.

A pay-TV set-top box is one provided by a TV service provider like Comcast/Xfinity. It is not a streaming set-top box provided by Apple, Roku, or Google.

You earn $30 for a completed survey, plus $5 for each additional box info provided if you have more than 1 Comcast box. You will be asked to add your payment data by the end of the survey so make sure you fill ALL questions and submit in order to get paid.

Please go to our FAQ page for any more questions. You may also contact us at
FAQ Page:

You will have to upload a picture of the bottom of your set-top box showing the model number of your box. A sample picture is shown below:

Question Title


Question Title

* 1. What is your zip code?

Question Title

* 3. How many Comcast/Xfinity set-top boxes do you have in your household? (Most homes have 1 pay-TV set-top box per TV)
 STB example. More Examples here: example 2
These are the devices that feed Comcast/Xfinity cable into your television via an HDMI or coax cable.
This does not include streaming set-top boxes (Roku, Google, Apple).
This does not include Modems, Routers, Game Consoles, DVD players, or Security System video recorders.
You must have at least 1 Comcast STB to participate.