Please vote for your preferred candidate for each board position. Although individuals may run for more than one board position, they cannot hold more than one position at a time. Ties will be decided by coin toss.

* 1. Vice President 

Assists the President, provides organizational guidance, plans World Usability Day, and other duties as appropriate. The Vice President will automatically transition to the President in 2019.

* 2. Associate Program Director

Assists the Program Director in their duties, which include organizing programming for the upcoming year; arranges locations for events; acts as the liaison between UXPA MN and speakers; and other duties as assigned.

* 3. Associate Treasurer

Assists the Treasurer in their duties, which include preparing budget reports and advising on financial state at monthly board meetings; checking people into events; and other duties as assigned

There were no nominations for this role. 
If you would like to serve, please enter your name and email below and the board will contact you.