We are running this survey on credit checking and bad debts in conjunction with FTS Credit Services. We will be making the results available via the ukrecruiter newsletter.

* 1. What sector does your business supply?

* 2. Do you take out credit reports on new and existing business?

* 3. If no, what is the main reason for not credit checking?

* 4. When do you usually receive payment?

* 5. Do you consider current late payment is caused by:

* 6. Do you charge interest on late payments?

* 7. If yes, what do you use to determine the interest charge?

* 8. At what point do you consider the appointment of a third party to recover unpaid invoices?

* 9. What type of recovery agency do you use?

* 10. If you would like to claim a FREE Credit Report on a Limited company of your choice give your: