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The effects of Climate Change are directly impacting Bourn, with the flooding before Christmas being a reminder that our village is likely to be significantly affected. The Parish Council recognise that we face a Climate Emergency and have set up a working group of volunteers to reduce our carbon emissions. There have been a few initiatives supported by the PC to improve our environment, including planting 1500 trees and the creation of wildlife verges. However, the community carbon footprint in Bourn is considerably higher than the national average (Centre for Sustainable Energy survey).

This short survey (5 questions) is designed to ask you, the residents of Bourn, for your thoughts and help to reduce our community’s contribution to climate change. It will help focus our efforts and identify what help or support is wanted.

Thank you!

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* 1. Transport
The Centre for Sustainable Energy survey indicates that our top impact as a community is transport. Please indicate which of the following initiatives would help you and your family to reduce the impact of your vehicle journeys:

  Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree Disagree
Better cycle paths
Better bus service
Access to a car club
E-bike sharing scheme in Bourn
Access to village electric car charging points
Impartial advice and information on electric cars
Lift sharing schemes

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* 2. Housing 
The second biggest impact is housing, and how insulated our homes are and fuel use. Please tell us what would inspire or enable you to reduce the carbon footprint of your home

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Neutral/Not Applicable Not Interested
Advice on changing heating and electricity usage to lower carbon sources
An energy survey on your home, e.g. thermal imaging of heat losses
Improving insulation
Double glazing
Draught proofing
A scheme to apply for cheaper solar panels (i.e. a bulk buy initiative)
Feedback from people within the village who are already using fossil fuel alternative heating (air/ground source heat pumps, thermal panels for hot water, solar panels for electricity, etc)
Information on funding and grant availability

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* 3. Shopping
Everything we buy has an impact. Would you be interested in using any of the following initiatives:

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Neutral/Not Applicable Not Interested
Library of Things (sharing a pool of items e.g. ladders, tools)
Repair cafe (specialists assisting with mending hard to repair items)
Garage sale/car boot
Seed banks/plant sharing
Information on buying local (e.g. local businesses, delivery services)
Mobile services to the village (e.g. from a zero waste shop, fishmonger, greengrocer, etc)

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* 4. Recycling and lifestyle choices
There are many small changes we can make to our lives which all add up, it is easier to make these changes with access to the right information and learning new skills. Would you be interested in learning about any of the following from others in the community:

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Neutral/Not Applicable Already Doing Not Interested
Composting and reducing use of peat-based compost
Vegetable growing
Reducing meat consumption
Wildlife friendly gardening
Reducing food waste (e.g. menu planning and using leftovers)
Reducing water use
Ideas for recycling more waste
Reducing single use plastics and packaging (e.g. using wax wraps)

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* 5. How would you like the Climate Change and Environmental Group to communicate with you in the future?

We have set up a Facebook group -  Bourn Eco. Please join and share any thoughts, links or ideas. Please select any others that you may find useful:

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* 6. Contact information (Optional): 
Your contact details will be stored and used in relation to this working group only


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* 7. Thank you so much for completing this survey. If you have any additional ideas, skills, knowledge or anything else to add please share details below. 

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