Gun Control

Gun control has been a controversial issue, especially as of late after the Sandy Hook and Aurora movie theater shootings, Congress is considering making stricter gun laws which could either make it harder to obtain a firearm or even outright ban guns. Should congress make these gun laws stricter or leave them the way they are and find other ways to stop gun Violence?
Please complete this survey for my research project. Thank you for your opinion.

* 1. Should Congress make stricter gun laws?

* 2. If you answered "Agree" to the previous question, then to what extent should the laws be made stricter?

* 3. Why do you agree or disagree with the first question?

* 4. Do you own a gun?

* 5. What is your political affiliation?

* 6. Have you been convicted, been the victim of or know someone who was a victim of a gun related crime? i.e murder,armed assault, illegal possession.

* 7. Are you male or female?

* 8. Would you feel safer if you had a gun with you while walking down the street? Explain why or why not.

* 9. Do you blame the gun for a crime or the person who used the gun? Explain

* 10. Any additional comments?