The aviation industry continues to embrace the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It already enhances safety and efficiency through predictive maintenance, aiding air traffic management, and refining pilot training with advanced insights and simulations.

But what does it mean for the CAA? How will it affect the way we work, and what we regulate? These are the questions our Innovation Hub hopes to tackle with a new CAA Strategy for AI, to be published in Summer 2024.

This survey focuses on how we regulate AI, and we would be grateful for your support in helping us to create a strategy that helps to enable safe and secure use of AI in aviation.

We would recommend taking a short time to read our terminology framework CAP2966: Speaking a Common Language: A terminology framework for AI; and CAP2970 Building Trust in AI before completing this questionnaire.

Thank you for time in completing this questionnaire, and we look forward to sharing the outcomes with you.

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