1. Background

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On the pages that follow, you will be asked to consider a series of words and to decide the extent to which each word is appropriate for describing musical performance in the western classical tradition. It is important that you consider each word in terms of its appropriateness for describing PERFORMANCE and NOT the performers themselves.

All information you provide is entirely anonymous and will be stored on computer and/or in hardcopy for research purposes. They data may also be used or referred to in subsequent research publications.
Please provide us with some basic background information:

* What is your age?

* What is your sex?

* What is your nationality?

* Please indicate the highest level of practical music-making that you have achieved, or are currently working towards:

* If you have achieved, or are working towards, a qualification in practical music making, what is your main area of specialism?

* Approximately how many hours per week do you choose to listen ACTIVELY to music - when you are listening carefully or on purpose (e.g. to a new recording), instead of doing other things as well?

* Approximately how many hours per week do you listen to music in the background - while you do other things?

* Approximately how many LIVE musical performances do you attend in a typical year?