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This award is established in loving memory of Jaclyn Rogerson, a well respected graduate from the School of Pharmacy’s Class of 2004. The bursary is a result of gifts to Memorial University of Newfoundland by Jaclyn’s family and friends to honour her commitment to the pharmacy profession and her community. As a gifted communicator and empathetic pharmacist, Jaclyn succeeded in providing caring support to her patients and community.

The bursary will be awarded to a student entering their final year in the Pharmacy program. Based on financial need and a minimum GPA of 2 (out of a possible 4), preference will be given to a student who also demonstrates a combination of a strong ability to communicate and empathize with patients, school spirit or who actively engages in community service.

The bursary is valued at a portion of the income from the endowment.

* 1. The name of the student from the Class of 2012 that you are nominating for the award:

* 2. Please describe the nominee's ability to communicate and empathize with patients.

* 3. Please provide examples of the nominee's school spirit.

* 4. Please provide examples of the nominee's involvement in community service.

* 5. Please provide any additional comments which supports your nomination.

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