Dear colleagues,

The survey's objective is to identify the learning needs of employer organizations (EOs) around the world.

We will carefully take into account the survey results when planning our training and capacity-building activities for employer organizations.

The survey has two parts:

Part 1 - identification of learning needs in the area of "Management of Employers’ Organizations and Relations with Members"

Part 2 - identification of learning needs in the area of "Political Role of Employers’ Organizations"

For each item, you will be asked to indicate
- if you already possess sufficient skills and knowledge to perform the task,
- if you possess basic skills and knowledge but need to expand them OR
- if you do not possess skills and knowledge and need to learn how to perform the given task.

If you have any additional training needs and ideas, please indicate them in the dedicated fields.

Enjoy the survey!

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* Name of the Organization:

* Position in the Organization

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