Employer Questionnaire

In order to evaluate and improve their service, Xtol would like you to complete the following survey.

* 1. Employer Name/Organisation:

* 3. Xtol communicates well with employers to ensure there are good links between the training employees receive at work and with Xtol.

* 4. Xtol liaises with the employer regarding training requirements in relation to the employee and the organisation.

* 5. Xtol ensures that the training is up to date and relevant so that employees develop a broad understanding of knowledge of their chosen career.

* 6. Xtol supports employees to develop personal, social and employability skills they need to help them to progress successfully in their chosen pathway.

* 7. Xtol involves the employer and employee in the review process to allow them to feed back on progress and plan objectives.

* 8. Xtol tutors plan their visit to meet both the employer and employee needs.

* 9. Employees understand how to improve as a result of frequent feedback from Xtol.

* 11. What do you think Xtol does well?

* 12. What could Xtol do to improve their service?

* 13. Please feel free to make any additional comments.