2021 Trustee of the Year Award

The Trustee of the Year Award recognizes and honors a hospital board member who is a leader, gives back to the community and routinely goes beyond the call of duty. KHA members are encouraged to recognize those trustees who have served with distinction and made significant contributions to the betterment of their hospital and community. The nominee also must complete their self-evaluation in the KHA Trustee Recognition and Accountability Program.

Please note - at any time you may close the browser to return later. The software will save your responses. When you return, you will go to the next question to complete the rest of the survey. You will need the nominee's contact information as well as descriptions of how the nominee meets each of the following criteria:

1. How does the nominee demonstrate leadership or involvement in the field of hospital governance? Is the individual recognized by his/her peers as having a high level of proficiency and demonstrated competence? Share how the individual is a recognized leader in the community and in his or her own business or profession. (250 words or less)
2. Highlight the nominee’s contributions of both time and talent to bettering the hospital and other health care services in the community. How has the individual brought about specific and positive changes that have advanced health care services in the community, such as improved facilities or new ways to deliver health care services? These contributions can be over time or through a single program/event with the community at large. (250 words or less)
3. Share how the nominee has increased public attention to the health care needs of the community and has created public concern for meeting those needs; how the individual advocates on behalf of the hospital and/or health care industry or helps shape hospital-related legislation; and how the individual is involved on the community, state or national level as an advocate for health and health care access, quality and affordability. (250 words or less)
4. Discuss how the nominee analyzes issues, defines problems and brings issues to a successful conclusion, builds consensus and mediates disagreements. Share how this individual works closely with their local, state and/or national health care communities to forge relationships, including the hospital’s relationship with specific segments of the community (for example: business leaders, seniors, etc.). (250 words or less)

Nominations are submitted online and are reviewed by a committee of peers in the hospital/health care industry. The committee does not include Kansas hospital executives. The committee may recommend that multiple or no award be given. The committee’s recommendation is presented to the Executive Committee of the KHA Board of Directors for approval.

A corporate photograph of the nominee will be required if he/she is an awardee. If one is available at the time of nomination, it can be emailed to awards@kha-net.org. Photos should be an EPS, JPEG or TIFF file. Color photographs are preferred.

Nominations will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on June 4. You will receive an email confirmation that KHA has received your nomination. If you do not receive a confirmation by June 11, please contact KHA at (785) 233-7436.

In recognition for distinguished service and outstanding contributions to their hospital and community, the awardee(s) will be honored by:

• Receipt of the Trustee of the Year Award
• Recognition at the KHA Annual Convention and the KHA Critical Issues Summit
• Complimentary Registration to the KHA Annual Convention and the KHA Critical Issues Summit
• Coverage in KHA publications and on the KHA Web site
• Media announcements o