Hello, friends and changemakers,

We know this is an unprecedented and challenging time. As your partner and supporter, JVA wants to help you and your organization navigate what lies ahead.

Your circumstances may have changed, and your immediate needs have likely changed as well. There remains so much work to be done—and we are dedicated to applying our expertise, experience and innovation to help you do it effectively and efficiently.

Today, we reach out because we want to hear about what is on your mind.

So please share your thoughts with us in this quick survey.

Don’t hesitate to be specific and to list multiple items.

Topics might include grantwriting (e.g., specific to the current crisis or otherwise); action planning; remote data collection (by JVA, or how-to sessions); communication with constituents/stakeholders; meetings with colleagues or members of the sector (e.g., virtual coffee breaks where you can share ideas as well as vent); and anything else that meets your needs!

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* 1. How can JVA support you and your organization in the current environment?

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* 2. What questions are you currently grappling with?

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* 3. If you have a specific question and would like JVA to contact you in reference to it, please provide your contact info here (name and phone number or email).

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey! We look forward to supporting you in every way we can. Take care of yourselves.