Please review the following before continuing with your application. 

Part of Fandom Legacy Con’s mission is to provide the best possible convention experience to our attendees. Part of this is making sure that the convention runs smoothly and that everyone at the con is safe and happy. That’s where you come in!

As a Fandom Legacy Con volunteer it is your job to help attendees, panelists, vendors and guests with their needs, make sure that everyone is being welcoming and safe and to help build and maintain the Fandom Legacy Con community.

Once the application is made you must still be approved. Once you are approved you will be notified by email. You must confirm your attendance via email with us before your position will be secured.
All press pass holders must follow the following rules and guidelines. Failure to do so will result in your pass and privileges being revoked. 

All attendees must follow the code of conduct on the Fandom Legacy Con website. Volunteers are no exception. As a member of the Fandom Legacy Con volunteer staff you are held to  higher standard as a representative of the con. 

Minimum age
You must be over the age of 18 prior to submitting your application. 

Privacy agreement
As volunteers of Fandom Legacy Con you agree not to disclose any private information of any volunteers, attendees or of the convention. You agree not to take photos or video in restricted areas and that any photos or recordings taken are the property of Fandom Legacy Con. You agree for your likeness to be used for any commercial use. 

  • You must work at least 13 hours over the course of the convention consisting of 3 day shifts and one night shift. You may request timing for your shifts, but they are not guaranteed. 
  • You must attend a mandatory training session before the con where you will receive your schedule, shirt and badge. Orientation dates will be announced closer to the convention.
  • Your duties will vary from providing information, checking passes at panels, assisting attendees, set up, break down, AV assistance and much more. If you are unable to perform physical duties such as these please notify your volunteer coordinator. 
As a press pass holder you will receive the following:
  • 1 complementary weekend volunteer ticket to the convention
  • Early access to some events
  • Free branded convention shirt
  • The love and adoration of your community and our eternal thanks!
Conventions cannot run without their staff and volunteers!
Thank you for contributing to your community!